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It's National Moon Day!

National Moon Day is a day that holds a very special meaning because it honors one of the most incredible moments in human history.

Back in 1969 three brave astronauts named Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins blasted off from Earth in a spacecraft called Apollo 11. Their mission? To land on the Moon!

After an exciting journey, they reached the Moon on July 20th. Neil and Buzz put on their space suits, opened the spacecraft's hatch, and stepped out. They were the first people EVER to walk on the Moon's surface.

While Neil and Buzz explored the Moon, Michael Collins stayed up in the command module, orbiting the Moon like a space guardian.

National Moon Day is all about celebrating this historic event, remembering those brave astronauts, and the incredible teamwork that made it all possible. It's a day to look up at the night sky, marvel at the Moon, and dream about the future of space exploration.