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The Importance of Being Exact

Have you ever tried programming and wondered why things didn't work out as planned? You're not alone! One of the first things you learn about programming is how specific it is.

Take for example Minecraft MakeCode, you may have tried making a pickaxe that drops TNT when used. You thought you did everything right, but nothing happened. Why? It's because you didn't use the exact pickaxe that you specified in the block of code. Remember, programming is exact!

Another example is when using a micro:bit to make a compass that makes a noise when it points to exactly 180 degrees. You might have spun the micro:bit all around and wondered why it didn't work. It's because being too exact is also a problem. Holding the micro:bit at exactly 180 degrees is tough to do. Maybe you were holding it at 179 or 181 degrees. This means being "close" isn't good enough, you have to be precise.

But don't worry! Being so exact in programming means you have control over what your code does. Just make sure to pay attention to every detail and specify everything you want your program to do.

So keep coding and keep learning, and don't forget to be exact! Happy coding!