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SteamRocket, legally MicroFire SteamRocket Inc, is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in California in 2022, EIN 88-2693762.

SteamRocket was created to provide every child in the Coachella Valley the opportunity to discover and develop STEAM skills required by our digital future.

California has mandated schools to provide STEAM education starting the 2022 school year. This is a big step in the right direction for our children and their futures! SteamRocket is the only organization in the Coachella Valley looking to help encourage and develop STEAM skills through the power of play.

Numerous studies show that the sooner children are introduced to STEAM, the further ahead they will be. To pique their interest and keep them engaged, we teach with Minecraft, a wildly popular program children are familiar with and enjoy. We also introduce devices specifically designed for learning hardware fundamentals, such as micro:bit.

The passion fueling SteamRocket is limitless, but what we are able to accomplish is limited by our funding. We are a new organization funded solely by its founders. We seek donors, grants, and donations to provide needed materials to continue our goals of giving the local students engaging and valuable STEAM skills.

Tutoring: UNLOCKED

SteamRocket offers one-on-one tutoring.
C/C++ | CSS | Go | HTML | JavaScript | NodeJS | Python | Rust

Custom Curriculum

From JavaScript to Hardware Design, our curriculum is tailored to your child's unique skill level and goals.

Flexible Scheduling

Designed to fit your hectic schedule, lessons can be booked at your own pace to suit your life.

Ask Anytime

Aside from dedicated tutoring sessions, our instructors are always available to answer questions ,