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micro:bit care

It goes without saying:
micro:bits are fragile.

Let's review some Dos and Don'ts for handing a micro:bit!

A home for your micro:bit is essential.
Cases made for micro:bits are available online, from a basic protective case to a mountable case. If you're on a budget, the box your micro:bit came with is just as handy!

Water is bad.
If there's anything you need to remember about electronics and water, they do not mix. Maybe a drop here, a splash there won't permanently damage a micro:bit, but eventually, it will.

Handle with care.
Although the doodads on your micro:bit are attached securely, they are also easy to break. A circuit board has a little give, but something will eventually fail if it bends enough.

Handle with care, part II.
When you use the USB cable, be sure to pull and push it straight. The connector it plugs into can very easily be damaged.