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Red Planet Garden

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Embark on a journey to the Red Planet with our Red Planet Garden program! Discover NASA's groundbreaking efforts to grow plants on Mars and learn about SteamRocket's Plant the Moon and Mars Challenge results. But the adventure doesn't stop there – get ready to roll up your sleeves and plant some green beans in our simulated Martian soil!

$12 per child,
plus $25 travel fee within the Coachella Valley*

Must book at least seven days in advance
Red Planet Garden runs for 60 minutes


Age Range:
Ages 6 and up


Costs include setup, materials and cleanup.
Please allow 20 minutes for setup and 20 minutes for cleanup.
*If your organization/event is outside of the Coachella Valley or you have over ten participants, please contact us.

Why Red Planet Garden?

NASA Insights
Gain fascinating insights into NASA's ongoing research and experiments aimed at cultivating plant life in the harsh conditions of Mars. Learn about the challenges and innovations shaping the future of space agriculture.

Plant the Moon and Mars Challenge
Hear about SteamRocket's own Plant the Moon and Mars Challenge, where budding scientists and engineers put their skills to the test in designing sustainable habitats and growing crops in space.

Hands-on Planting
Armed with Martian soil simulant and green thumbs, participants can plant green beans and witness firsthand the challenges and rewards of gardening in space-like conditions.

Educational Exploration
Dive into the fascinating intersection of space exploration and agriculture. Our program encourages curiosity and critical thinking while fostering a deeper understanding of the potential for human habitation beyond Earth.

Inspiring Innovation
Learn how scientists and engineers are tackling the unique challenges of space farming, from developing advanced technologies to adapting plants to thrive in alien environments.

Interactive Experience
Engage in hands-on activities that bring the excitement of space exploration to life. Whether you're a seasoned space enthusiast or new to the cosmos, there's something for everyone in our Red Planet Garden program.