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Solder Craft: A Cutting-Edge Workshop for Aspiring Electrical Engineers

SteamRocket, the newest provider of interactive learning experiences for kids in the Coachella Valley, is thrilled to announce the arrival of its latest workshop, Solder Craft. This dynamic and hands-on program is specifically designed for children aged ten and above, offering them the opportunity to master the art of soldering and take their first steps toward building their very own devices, such as drones and robots.

"Soldering is the glue that brings electrical components together, ensuring they stick and work," explains Justin Decker, co-founder of SteamRocket. "It's the transformative process that turns a collection of components, like resistors and capacitors, into a fully functional gadget."

Solder Craft is an engaging and immersive workshop that aims to kindle children's interest in electrical engineering and the world of making. By developing soldering skills, participants will gain a basic understanding of electronic assembly while developing the confidence to turn their ideas into tangible realities.

"This workshop is tailor-made for young minds brimming with creativity and a passion for electrical engineering and robotics," says Elle Decker, President of SteamRocket. "No ordinary classroom experience with dull textbooks and videos here; we believe in rolling our sleeves up, getting our hands dirty, and diving in with hands-on learning! Kids will assemble their very own light-detecting beetle, learning soldering skills along the way!"

This is the light-detecting beetle. Photo bySteamRocket Inc

Key highlights of Solder Craft

Hands-On Exploration
Participants will engage in interactive activities, acquiring soldering skills through hands-on experience. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, they will learn techniques of soldering.

Understanding Electronics
Through practical exercises and real-world examples, participants will develop a deep understanding of electronics, demystifying the inner workings of circuits and components.

Building Personalized Devices
With soldering as the foundation, participants will start building their own devices. From drones to robots, they will bring their imagination to life and witness the incredible transformation of ideas into reality.

Inspiring Confidence
Solder Craft empowers young participants, fostering self-confidence and a can-do attitude. Through hands-on creation and problem-solving challenges, children will develop essential skills beyond the workshop, setting them up for success in future endeavors.

Mark your calendars for a fantastic hands-on workshop on Friday, July 14, at 9am at RAP Foundation at 41550 Eclectic Street, Suite 101 in Palm Desert. Registration for Solder Craft is $50 for a one-hour workshop. To secure a spot or learn more about the class,Β click here.