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Plant Mars Challenge 2024

Your go-to nonprofit for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) experiences and workshops in the Coachella Valley, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking opportunity for high school students to participate in NASA's Plant Mars Project. This initiative is not just a science experiment; it's our own giant leap into the future of planetary exploration.

In collaboration with the Institute of Competition Sciences, we are forming an exclusive team of high school students to delve into the mysteries of Martian regolith—a soil-like substance found on Mars. This global science experiment and research challenge invite young minds to explore the complexities of sustainable crop growth systems in extraterrestrial environments, shaping the future of space exploration.

SteamRocket's President, Elle Decker, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "The Plant Mars Project is our chance to take a giant leap into space exploration. This is not just an experiment; it's an invitation for our talented youth to contribute to the scientific advancements that will define our future in space. We are honored to pioneer this extraordinary opportunity and bring it to the young visionaries of the Coachella Valley, inspiring innovation that will echo across the cosmos."

Only ten high school students will be selected for this historic mission, receiving a specially designed Plant Mars Activity Kit with Martian regolith simulant. Through their experiments, these young scientists will contribute to our understanding of planetary science, and their findings will be submitted to NASA scientists and evaluators for review.

Participating teams also have the exciting potential to receive state and regional awards, highlighting the significance of their contributions to the Plant Mars Project.

SteamRocket invites the community to join this thrilling journey of Martian exploration. Follow our blog for updates on the progress of the team as they embark on this cosmic adventure.

To apply to be part of the Plant Mars Project, click here.

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