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Solar Eclipses: What are They?

A solar eclipse is a captivating celestial event that occurs when the Moon moves in front of the Sun from our viewpoint on Earth. There are three main types of eclipses.

Total Solar Eclipse
This is when the Moon completely covers the Sun for a little while. It gets really dark, and you can see a glowing ring around the Moon, which is the Sun's outer atmosphere.

Partial Solar Eclipse
In this kind, the Moon covers only part of the Sun. It's like a bite taken out of a cookie. How much of the Sun you see covered depends on where you are.

Annular Solar Eclipse
This one is like the Moon wearing a "ring of fire." It happens when the Moon is a bit farther from Earth, so it doesn't fully cover the Sun, leaving a bright ring around the edges.

But there's a big warning: You should never stare at a solar eclipse without special glasses or tools. It's like trying to look at a really bright flashlight – it can seriously hurt your eyes. So, always use proper eye protection when watching this amazing celestial show!