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What is Minecraft: Education Edition Anyway?

So there's Minecraft and Minecraft: Education Edition. What's the difference

Educational Adventures
Minecraft: Education Edition is a lot like the regular Minecraft game, but it has special adventures designed just for learning - hello, coding! You can go on exciting quests that help you learn about math, science, history, and more.

Play and Learn Together
In Minecraft: Education Edition, you can play with your friends and club mates, working together to build amazing structures and solve fun challenges. It's a great way to make new friends while learning together!

Awesome Teacher Tools
Teachers can use special tools in Minecraft: Education Edition to guide your learning. They can create safe and fun worlds for you to explore, making sure you have a great time while you're learning.

Cool Lesson Plans
With Minecraft: Education Edition, your teachers have special lesson plans made just for you! They can create fun activities that help you understand different subjects and topics in a fun and interactive way.

Safe and Friendly
Minecraft: Education Edition is designed to be safe and friendly for everyone. There are special features that make sure you're protected while playing and learning in the game.

Learning and Creativity
In Minecraft: Education Edition, you can use your creativity to build amazing things while learning at the same time! It's like playing with virtual blocks and discovering new things as you go.

Learn Anywhere
Whether you're at school or at home, you can play Minecraft: Education Edition and continue your learning adventures. It's a fun way to explore new worlds and ideas, no matter where you are.

Minecraft: Education Edition is all about having fun while learning!ย