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What That micro:bit Do?

A micro:bit is like a pocket-sized computer that helps kids to learn basic coding and programming skills. It can be programmed to do some pretty cool things. If you need ideas, keep reading!

Make a digital watch, brooch or other accessories that can display the time, your own design or a message.

Who needs a FitBit? Count your steps with a DIY version

Create retro mobile phone games everybody loved, like β€˜Snake’ or try using it as a scoreboard or timer.

Hook up a micro:bit to your phone and control your music app, compose a piece of music, or even use a banana as a music keyboard!

Create a digital egg timer, or attach the micro:bit to a thermometer to get the perfect temperature for your holiday turkey!

Home & Garden
Drop a sensor in the soil and connect it to the micro:bit to tell you when the plant has enough water with a simple smile or needs a drink with a frown.