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Coding for All: SteamRocket's Free Summer Programs Made Possible by CV Giving Day

SteamRocket, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering STEAM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) for children in the Coachella Valley, is thrilled to announce that it has received over $6000 in funding from the 2024 CV Giving Day. The event was generously sponsored by CV Giving Day, First Bank, NPO Centric, RAP Foundation, Auen Foundation, KESQ News, Desert Charities News, and KESQ News Channel 3.

The support from CV Giving Day and its sponsors marks a significant milestone for SteamRocket. It allows the organization to expand its impact and reach more youth in the Coachella Valley. With this funding, SteamRocket is excited to offer free coding programs to Coachella Valley youth this summer.

Co-Founder Justin Decker expresses his gratitude: "We are incredibly grateful to CV Giving Day and its sponsors for their generous support. This funding enables us to further our mission of providing accessible STEAM education opportunities to children in the valley. Offering free coding programs this summer will empower youth with valuable skills and inspire their passion for technology and innovation. We also want to extend our thanks to the local community who supported SteamRocket by donating to our cause."

The free coding programs will provide students with hands-on learning experiences, equipping them with essential coding skills and fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities. SteamRocket is committed to making STEAM education accessible to all children in the Coachella Valley, and the support from CV Giving Day and its sponsors is instrumental in achieving this goal.

For more information about SteamRocket and its programs, please visitย SteamRocket's siteย or contact Crystal Arellano at crystal@SteamRocket.co.


About SteamRocket:
SteamRocket is a nonprofit organization committed to providing STEAM-based workshops, classes, and experiences to children in the Coachella Valley. Through hands-on learning and innovative programs, SteamRocket inspires and empowers the next generation of leaders in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

About CV Giving Day:
CV Giving Day is an annual fundraising event that supports local nonprofit organizations in the Coachella Valley. The event brings together community members, businesses, and organizations to make a positive impact and support important causes in the region.