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Digital Citizens: Who are They?

Anyone who uses the internet and digital technologies is considered a digital citizen. This includes kids, teenagers, adults, and even seniors! Digital citizenship is all about how we behave and interact in the online world, just like how we behave and interact in the real world. Whether you're playing games, using social media, doing schoolwork, or just browsing the web, you're being a digital citizen. Just like in real life, it's important to be kind, respectful, and responsible when you're online too.

Let's go over some tips! 

Be a Tech Whiz
Learn how to use computers, tablets, and phones so you can explore cool stuff and learn new things online.

Use Nice Words
When you talk to others online, use kind and friendly words, just like you do with your friends in person.

Lock Your Secret Stuff
Imagine your online secrets are hidden in a treasure chest. Keep them locked up by using strong passwords to protect your accounts and personal information.

Ask Before You Share
Before you share pictures or information about yourself or your family, ask a grown-up if it's okay. Some things are private!

Share and Play Fair
If you use things like pictures or videos from the internet, remember to give credit to the people who made them – it's like saying "thank you."

Leave a Good Trail
The things you do online leave a trail, like footprints in the sand. Make sure your trail is positive and kind so people see how awesome you are.

Stand Up to Cyberbullies
If you see someone being mean online, don't join in. Be a superhero and help by telling a grown-up or a teacher.

Take Breaks
Just like you need to eat and play, you also need to take breaks from screens. It's important to have fun offline too!

Ask Questions
If you're not sure about something you see online, ask a grown-up for help. They'll be happy to explain things to you.

Be a Helper
Use the internet to learn about important things happening in the world and how you can make it better, like planting trees or helping animals.

Remember, being a digital citizen is all about making the internet a friendly and fun place for everyone!