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Mind-Blowing Robots

We've rounded up real-life robots you can check out right now to get you excited for tomorrow's robots.

Ready? Ready!

What's for Lunch?
Yes, your mom's KitchenAid mixer and FoodNinja are considered robots. But check out this Kitchen Robot! For £248,000, you can have meals cooked from scratch AND clean up afterward! Check it out:

Shark Behaviour Monitoring
Did you know we rely on robots to gather data on these apex predators? Researchers use underwater robots to learn about sharks' behavior and drones to monitor shark presence along Australian shorelines.

Staff a Hotel
Have you heard of Henn na Hotel in Japan? It's staffed by -you guessed it- robots! A little creepy but super cool! Check their site out. 

Drone Delivery's Sibling
We've all seen (and maybe experienced) drone deliveries, but Starship Technologies developed a self-driving delivery bot! Very cool!

Starship technologies delivery robot. [Source: Potter, 2019. Under a... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Ultimate Home Helper
From delivering food to finding misplaced keys, an Aeolus is the perfect all-purpose robot for the home! You can check out the specs on their site.