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SteamRocket's Year in Review

This year, we served 397 amazing kids, hosted 57 mind-blowing workshops, kicked off the valley's first Certified Minecraft Club with 44 meets, snagged six grants, and even flexed our skills at the 10th Annual Desert Fast Pitch Grant Competition. Let's take a quick, fun dive into the remarkable highlights of SteamRocket's 2023 – where learning met fun and dreams took flight!

Fueling Imagination: Nearly 400 Minds Boosted
In 2023, SteamRocket wasn't just about serving kids butabout launching their dreams into orbit. We reached 397 young minds, turning ordinary days into extraordinary adventures filled with curiosity and wonder.

Epic Workshops: 57 Sessions of STEAM-tastic Fun
Who said learning can't be a party? Our 57 workshops were miniature science fairs – hands-on, interactive, and bursting with fun. It was more "Wow!" and less "Why is this so boring?"

Minecraft Mania: Valley's First Certified Club
Move over, chess club – 2023 was the year of the SteamRocket Minecraft Club! Led by certified Minecraft Instructors, we hosted 44 meets where creativity soared higher than any pixelated block.

Grant Grabbing: 6 Grants for More STEAM Magic
Six grants? Yep, you read that right! We hit the jackpot, and it wasn't just about the money – it was about supercharging our STEAM initiatives. Thanks to those grant heroes, we're turning dreams into reality.

Desert Fast Pitch: We Pitched, We Sparked, We Rocked
Desert Fast Pitch wasn't just a competition; it was our time to shine. We pitched our hearts out, wowed the crowd, and left a trail of stardust behind. While we didn't win the big prize, we stood alongside the valley's most prominent nonprofits, and it was an honor!

So, there you have it – the epic saga of SteamRocket's 2023 adventures. From launching dreams to scoring grants and rocking Minecraft, it was a year of fun, achievements, and a whole lot of high-fives.