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SteamRocket Brings Minecraft Club Back to Coachella Valley

"In the summer, we had nearly 75 kids from all over the Coachella Valley come out and have a blast at our Minecraft Club weekly. We're excited to bring it back next month," says Elle Decker, President at SteamRocket.

Unlike traditional gaming activities, SteamRocket's Minecraft Club uses Minecraft: Education Edition to introduce structured challenges incorporating fundamental coding concepts. "The kids come in and think they're just playing with other Minecraft fanatics and running through fun obstacle courses, but they're actually learning simple code," says Crystal Arellano, one of the Certified Minecraft Instructors leading the club. "Through these challenges, kids not only have fun but also develop essential skills in problem-solving and technology," adds Crystal.

The Minecraft Club sessions will occur on Fridays in December at 4pm, located at 41-550 Eclectic Street, Suite 101, Palm Desert, CA 92211. "We want to make this opportunity as accessible as possible. It costs $10 per class, which is a steal! Devices are not required, but seating is limited so we suggest signing up early," emphasizes Crystal Arellano, chairwoman at SteamRocket.

To register for the upcoming Minecraft Club sessions and to learn more about SteamRocket's initiatives, interested parties can visit SteamRocket.co.

"SteamRocket was created to encourage a passion for STEAM in the youth of the Coachella Valley. Bringing back the Minecraft Club is one of our many ways of keeping things fun and educational," concludes SteamRocket President Elle Decker.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Crystal Arellano

SteamRocket envisions a community where all children, regardless of their economic or geographic circumstances, have access to cutting-edge resources, mentors, and hands-on experiences that will empower them to unleash their full potential and equip them with the essential skills needed to excel in an ever-evolving, technology-driven world.