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SteamRocket Introduces Learning Lab This Summer

SteamRocket is excited to announce the launch of Learning Lab, an innovative initiative aimed at bringing our popular STEAM workshops directly to remote areas in the Coachella Valley. This summer, Library Labs will be hosted at the Coachella Branch Library, Indio Public Library, and Mecca Library, providing children and teens with the opportunity to engage in hands-on STEAM projects and challenges at no cost.

SteamRocket's Library Lab is designed to make STEAM education accessible to more families by leveraging the resources and spaces available at local locations. By reducing overhead costs associated with renting a single dedicated location, SteamRocket is able to offer these high-quality programs at a very low cost or, in many cases, completely free of charge. This approach not only makes it easier for families to participate but also allows us to reach a broader audience across various communities.

Starting from June 10th through July 29th, 2024, the first round of Learning Labs will feature a series of engaging workshops that will spark curiosity and foster a love for learning. Participants can look forward to exploring a range of topics through activities like Slime Science, where they can learn about chemical reactions and polymers; Alien Gardens, which delves into botany and extraterrestrial ecosystems; Catapult Building, an exciting introduction to engineering principles; and Melting Glaciers, an environmental science project that highlights the effects of climate change.

“We are thrilled to bring Learning Labs to the libraries in Coachella, Indio, and Mecca,” says Elle Decker, Co-Founder of SteamRocket. “Our mission is to make STEAM education accessible to all children, and partnering with local libraries allows us to reach even more young minds. These workshops are designed to be both educational and fun, helping to ignite a passion for discovery and innovation.”

The hands-on nature of these workshops ensures that participants not only learn theoretical concepts but also see them in action, making the learning process both dynamic and memorable. By engaging in these activities, children develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills that are essential for their future success.

As we launch this exciting new program, we invite the community to join us in supporting the Learning Labs initiative. Your donations can help us keep these valuable educational experiences going year-round. With your generosity, we can expand our reach and continue to provide free or low-cost STEAM workshops to children across the Coachella Valley. Donate here.